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FFL Transfers

Please send an email to:  and include ALL of the following information for EACH transfer:

  1. The DESCRIPTION of the firearm(s) with any order, invoice or auction numbers.
  2. The SELLER’s information — name of person or business, a reliable phone number and email address. We MUST have an e-mail or phone number for your seller/dealer.
  3. The BUYER’s information — full name (with any nickname), a reliable phone number and email address.
  4. Your Tracking number. 

****You will need a Valid Photo ID such as a Driver’s License, License to Carry or State Identification Card, that has your current Address. ****** Supplemental State Issued documentation is allowed if your current address does not match your ID. Supplemental documentation must be issued from the State of Texas such as a vehicle registration, Property Tax Records, Voters Registration Card. 

Please give us time to process the shipments properly, in accordance with federal regulations. We assure you that you WILL be contacted within 24 hours, so we kindly ask you to wait for a call from us.

The $25 FFL Transfer fee is due for each firearm upon submission of the background check. The fee is due even if the background check is put on "DELAYED" status by the ATF/FBI. Upon approval of the submitted background check, you will promptly receive a call or an e-mail from us for you to come in to finalize the paperwork and legally take possession of your item.

If the background check comes back "DENIED" anytime during the background process, the transferee is still responsible for the transfer fee(s) and the transferee is responsible for the return to the online seller. If there is no resolution of return of firearm after a background denial and/or not picked up after 30 days (with no communication or agreement for extended storage) the item will then be considered ABANDONED and become the legal property of the store without compensation to the transferee.

We offer the lowest transfer rate of any other gun shop in the Houston area. Unlike other shops, we promptly notify the buyer upon receipt and check-in so that you don’t have to wait to pick up the firearm when it’s convenient for the dealer. When you let NE Guns handle your FFL transfer, you can be sure you’ll receive fast, friendly service. We hope you’ll let us show you why we should be your trusted source for all your self-defense and sporting needs.

 FFL transfers that are not picked up within five days will be charged $25/week storage fees.

Storage Fees for Deployed Military 60 Days free, $10.00 per month thereafter. 
Discounts available for veterans, active military, & first responders
FFL Transfer fee – $20.00 for individual's with their Texas License to Carry
FFL Transfer fee for non licensed individuals - $25