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We offer a variety of Firearms Training Classes. As an experienced NRA Firearms Instructor, I am Certified to teach Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection In The Home,  Personal Protection of the Home, Texas License to Carry Class, and proctor the LTC Proficiency Test and The NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Training. Please ask about additional training classes available. I offer REASONABLE CLASS SIZES: In addition to one on one instruction most classes are limited to no more than ten students and some are as small as three students. Everyone who owns a firearm should take training and practice on a regular basis to become competent. Shooting skills, especially pistol skills, are perishable and need to be practiced on a frequent basis. I can teach you basic fundamental skills and build on those skills.
Why you should still get a License to Carry? Doesn't Texas have constitutional carry? Yes effective Sept. 1 2021. 

The Texas License to Carry a Handgun will not go away. There are several distinct advantages to still getting an LTC, even though it would not be required to carry a gun.

  1. Training: it is everyone’s responsibility that carries a gun to know the laws and regulations related to carrying a gun. Whether you intend to get an LTC or not, the LTC class covers laws that are crucial for anyone that owns and/or carries a gun. But do not stop at the LTC class, continue your training with to become proficient. The Texas LTC class barely touches the surface of what is needed.
  2. Purchasing firearms: federal law is making it more and more difficult to purchase guns. With a Texas LTC, purchasing a gun is much quicker and easier. There is no wait for a background check to be performed.
  3. Carrying in other states: There are currently 36 states that accept the Texas LTC. This means if you do any traveling, when you go into one of these other states that accepts the Texas LTC, you can continue to carry your gun.
  4. Contact with law enforcement: Police Officers in Texas can look up any person’s driver’s license information to determine if they have a valid LTC. This makes it simple and easy for a police officer to determine that you are legally carrying the gun. Without an LTC and depending on why law enforcement has made contact with you, you may be sitting and waiting for a while for police to determine that you are eligible to own/carry the gun.
  5. A License To Carry has a "savings clause" under Texas law that allows a person to avoid any legal penalties if they carried a handgun into a prohibited place but left as soon as you were given personal notice.
  6. A license is also considered a valid second form of ID when casting a ballot and grants expedited access into the Texas Capitol. 
  7. Handgun carry on Lower Colorado River Authority property is protected for LTC holders but not for permitless carry.
  8. Those with an License To Carry can take advantage of campus carry, those with constitutional carry cannot. 

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